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Research & Deployment

Obtaining better performance of the wireless sensors is difficult but not impossible. A major drawback presented by these systems is maintenance, i.e. every so often the sensor battery must be changed. But it is true that this battery is changed after a long time (about 6 months or even years, depending on the frequency of measurement) should ideally not have to perform this task, since these may be in places difficult to access. We present here the work of creating a system that self-power these devices, there are now several lines of research open and some very satisfactory results are being obtained.

Research focusing on the steel world is currently working on an online system which measures the dirt on the sheet. Currently there is a procedure based on "Scotch magic technology" which along with a white paper (which meets certain requirements) measures the dirt. But this can only be performed when the sheet stops, leading to the problem of stopping production while making measurements.
This study is an optical measuring system to quantify the level of dirt without having to stop the manufacture of the sheet.