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Machinery and Equipment

Today product quality is important and to obtain this quality machines and equipment that are part of the production chain must be in perfect condition. These may be subject to heavy workloads, in extreme environmental conditions, etc.. Control operation may be complicated by the different situations in which they take place. This wireless monitoring system is suitable, since it can monitor situations such as: the temperature of machinery and equipment, humidity, the amount of dust, emissions of CO2, ... all integrated into one single system to show all values. Without the need for laying cable.

An example of equipment with critical characteristics is a clean room, specially designed to achieve low levels of contamination. There must be strictly controlled environmental parameters: air particulates, temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure inside, lighting.
In these rooms the wiring is quite difficult because of their characteristics (e.g. a sealed room, without simple wiring), so a wireless system would be optimal to solve the main problems presented.