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Government regulations limit by law the minimum and maximum temperature of the cooling environment of administrative, commercial, cultural, leisure buildings, and transport stations. With indwitech knowledge of low-power wireless networks, combining temperature sensors and humidity sensors, the climate conditions in these buildings can be controlled. So you get a wireless solution using the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, integrated, enabling centralized control and acting accordingly on the temperature and humidity of the various rooms which form the building.

These temperatures approved by law are:
  • 21 C maximum in heated enclosures.
  • 26 C, at least in refrigerated enclosures.
  • The relative humidity is between 30% and 70% in all cases.


One of the main problems in heating systems is the uneven temperatures that exist in different rooms of the building consisting where it is installed. Indwitech offers this solution, the integration of wireless temperature sensors in every room of the building combining a number of receivers and bases , making it possible to obtain "autonomous " control of each radiator, optimizing the inspection of temperature in each chamber separately so that all the rooms of the building have the same temperature.