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About us
Indwitech S.L. emerges as a company which aims to develop and provide integrated solutions for industrial monitoring. The company has started out with two distinct product lines:
  1. Specific sensors for the steel industry.
    • Meplaca: Flatness measurement of sheet steel.
    • Amptem: Wireless system for temperature monitoring of chock (roll cylinder bearings).
    • Temcil: Wireless system for monitoring the temperature of the cylinders.
    • Satra: : Positioning system for pig iron torpedoes.
    • Vibramesh: Wireless Vibration system.
  2. Comprehensive monitoring systems based on wireless technology with very low consumption. Using IEEE 802.15.4 technology that is characterized by very low energy a computer can be powered by three AAA batteries to measure and broadcast for over a year. Also included in this type of information system are gateways to TCP / IP or USB that allow integration with other systems. And new solutions to customers' needs can be developed. The high flexibility of IEEE 802.15.4, together with the know-how of the company in its use and creation of information gateways, allow for the implementation of comprehensive monitoring systems in many industrial sectors.